About DNASearch

CEDEO.net is proud to announce DNASearch, an MPEG-G compliant  tool for efficient storage, transmission and analysis of files of DNA reads created by high-speed sequencing machines.

MPEG-G is a standard jointly developed by MPEG, the data compression specialist committee, and ISO Technical Committee 276 Biotechnology WG 5 Data processing and integration.

What is CEDEO.net’s vision of DNASearch?

The left-hand side depicts today’s state of the art. DNA read files from sequencing machines are bulky to store, hard to transmit on the public network and take time to process.

The right-hand side shows that how DNASearch changes DNA file handling: as files become “liquid”, storage is inexpensive, transmission immediate and processing facilitated. The owner of the DNA can even get a personal copy of their DNA file.

All this of course without losing a single bit in the file: you just exploitthe intrinsic redundancy of the DNA file!

Let’s have a look inside at the technology.

DNASearch is composed of a Pre-processors and an Encoder producing a compressed MPEG-G file. The file, typically a few tens of Gbytes, can be stored or transmitted over the internet. Another DNASearch instance can run Applications that access the data via the Decoder which process the data in the native compressed format, without actually decompressing the entire file.

How can DNASearch change the world of genomics?

Today you hardly exchange files on a memory stick. Everything happens online in no time. It is high time for genomics to come of age. DNASearch makes moving and processing DNA files as easy and immediate as we all do today with any other file.

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